Wood Packing Services For Your Shipping

In shipping goods, packing is the most important thing to note. Packing becomes a determinant for the security of goods. It functions to keep it safe and undamaged during shipping trips.

Most freight forwarding services only provide shipping services without packing services. Only a few expeditions offer this service. For this, the shipping service will provide additional fees or charges.

There are several types of packing you can use for the safety and security of the shipment. Commonly, people pack things with cardboard and bubble wrap.

The advantage of packing with bubble wrap is to keep the goods from damage due to hard collisions and avoid leakage if the goods contain liquid. Bubble wrap also keeps fragile items from breaking during shipping.

Apart from the two types of packing above, there is one more type of packing you can use, namely wooden packing. This wood packing has a high level of security and usually used for electronics. The item will be wrapped first using wood and then covered with plastics. This type of packing is most resistant to shocks.

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