Be A Cooperative Customer: Little Things We Can Do for a Better White Glove Delivery Order

White glove delivery is popular now. The existence of technology and shipping innovation has been very helpful in the process of shipping. Now, sending goods become faster and more practical. However, certain things make the goods don’t arrive on time. The following are some small things that we should do as customers so that the delivery process becomes smoother and on time:

Ensure You Have Written Address and Phone Number Correctly

Make sure that your home address and telephone number that you provided to your logistics are correctly written. These two things are very important. A wrong address and telephone number won’t make your goods arrive.

Become a Cooperative Customer

make sure you are at home at the time the goods arrive. Remember, the company that is white glove transportation services does not only send goods to you but also to other customers. Please, be good and cooperative customers.

Preparing Room for Your Goods

When you order a large and heavy item, you must ensure that the room to be used to place the ordered item is 100% ready before the logistics team arrives. Don’t make the logistics team wait for you to get rid of unnecessary items.

Make sure the goods can pass the doors of your house

Measuring the height of the door is important, so things that you order can get in. Not only the front door but all the doors of the house. You certainly don’t want to cut your new furniture to make it able to pass the door, right?

Let them know if you live on the upper floor

If you live in an apartment, tell your logistic team since the beginning. Some apartments have time restrictions for guests. If you live on the top floor, also tell you what floor you are on so that the logistics team so they can prepare some equipment that might be needed.