Atm Solutions For Every Business

ATM’s are an indispensable entity in our day to day life. The reason behind their popularity is the convenience of performing all transactions any time without having to visit the  can’t ignore the ATM machines outside banks, convenience stores, retail chains, shopping centers, gas stations, and restaurants. These days you can find the latest trend – the mobile ATM vans roaming about in the city.

There are a number of benefits associated with installing an ATM at different locations.

1. A C-Store:Installing an ATM in a convenience store premises is a great business move for those who are looking for an opportunity to boost their sales. According to a consumer research survey, customers who withdraw money from a surround or kiosk ATM on an average spend 20-25% more than others. It is simply impulse spending.There is another unexpected benefit as well. People might visit a store just to use the ATM, thus boosting traffic. Good chances are there that they may buy some stuff before leaving.

2. Restaurants:Restaurants can reap a number of immediate benefits from on-premise ATM. It encourages customers to pay in cash, and check processing fees are no longer an issue.

3. Gas Stations:ATMs have become a norm at gas stations, as consumers with credit card problems are increasingly migrating to cash.

4. Casinos:For a casino, providing instant access to cash is vital. The monthly transactions for an ATM in a top gaming facility exceed 5,000. So the casino operators can earn a substantial profit in ATM surcharges. And ATMs in casinos don’t have to be limited to just dispensing cash. Additional revenue streams can be created by modified ATMs that issue loyalty cards, vouchers to be used at the slot machines and break bills.

5. Banks & Credit Unions:For a financial institution, an off-branch ATM is a much cost effective solution to facilitate its customers and extend branch services without the investment of setting up an additional branch and pay for employees.

6. Mobile ATMs:Mobile ATM units have wireless connection to the host terminal at bank.Signing for mobile ATM vans at an outdoor event provide merchants and customers with instant cash. And cash on hand provides more money for customers to spend without having to leave the event. County fairs, trade fests, and conventions can profit from  advantages include reduced credit card usage, increased traffic to the event, keeping customer in-house, and increased customer satisfaction.